Academic Scheduling

schedulingWe all know that one of the most difficult aspects of the whole planning process involves creating a highly optimized and conflict-free schedule of thousands of course sections with ever changing facility resources and enrollment projections. Our powerful automatic scheduling algorithm achieves a superior success rate comparing to other popular scheduling systems on the market.

Automatic Scheduling

  • Total integration – no need to export/import course data from academic planning
  • Runs in batch mode – automatically creates highly optimized schedule for the whole institution with multiple campuses
  • Automatic Day/Time Assignment – assigns the optimal and conflict-free day and time for course sections
  • Automatic Room Assignment – automatically assigns the optimal size and type of rooms to course sections
  • Intelligent Alternate Room Assignment – automatically assigns a room of alternate type to a course section if the desired type of room isn’t available
  • Inter-Campus Travel Time Consideration – Necessary travel time is taken into consideration for teachers teaching on multiple campuses.


Interactive Scheduling

Conflict-free schedules can be interactively created or adjusted in a simple drag-and-drop interface. It includes the following features:

  • easy-to-use graphical interface for interactive scheduling without creating conflicts
  • a graphic-based display of all related entities’ existing schedules
  • a powerful searching tool for available rooms with the right capacity and features
  • automatic checking of institutional scheduling policies (such as lunch break, consecutive teaching hour limit, etc.)
  • automatic checking to allow enough travel time between campuses
  • real-time data communication with Banner and PeopleSoft
  • multi-step undo capability