Campus Scheduling

Academic Interface’s Campus Scheduling module allows you to get more out of your resources and effectively manage your available space for all non-academic activities across multiple campuses. This simple and integrated room booking feature allows schedulers to book available facility space for meetings, events, conventions, etc. Book space for one event or book space continually for recurring events based upon your room booking needs. With one simple-to-use interface and real-time integration with your current SIS, campus and event scheduling has never been easier!

Here are a few benefits of using AI Campus Scheduling:

  • Intuitive search criteria allows you to specify your booking needs by:
    • Campus
    • Time
    • Building
    • Day
    • Room Type
    • Duration
    • Room Size
    • Recurrence (if any)
    • Room Characteristics
    • Duration of Recurrence
  • Real-time integration with your SIS ensures no double-bookings
  • Collaborate and manage all of your campus activities in one simple-to-use database
  • Increase awareness of events and available space between all departments
  • Streamlined internet browser and mobile application functionality