Course Offerings

Effective planning of all academic activities is the key to success for an institution of higher education. Academic Interface clearly defines responsibilities of each academic department so that users can focus on their own department’s data and, at the same time, see relevant data from other departments to allow cross-departmental course offerings.

Our software allows each department to design and manage their academic programs by indicating:

  • what programs and program types (degree, certificates, etc.) will be offered.
  • program versioning (for future planning while keeping current and historical information).
  • required and elective courses for each level in a program.

Once the program design is in place, the enrollment number for each program can be projected based on the historical enrollment data that is conveniently shown in a graph.

Critical to academic planning is the ability to monitor the demand for each course. Academic Interface allows you to create just the right number of course sections to meet the demand by tracking how many students across campuses, departments and programs that need a given course.

In order to effectively deliver each course section, Academic Interface automatically finds teachers who have taught the particular course before so that the preparation time can be minimized.

Detailed logistic needs for a course such as room type (classroom, lab, etc.) and resources (such as audio/visual equipment) can be specified without having to specify a particular room. Our integrated scheduling module will find the optimal time and room for the whole institution with an automatic batch process.