Enrollment Planning

Once the program design is in place, the next step is to project the enrollment number for each program. As we all know, enrollment numbers can be highly volatile due to certain variables such as; economic conditions, unemployment, government policy/legislation, industry changes, new program offerings, etc. This can be a difficult step for enrollment planners to ensure that your college or university is operating at maximum efficiency. Academic Interface gives you the tools you need to more accurately project enrollment and compare it to your available resources in order to maximize your institution’s efficiency and profitability.

Our software allows enrollment planners to better strategize enrollment policy by providing:

  • historical enrollment data for each program that is conveniently shown in a graph
  • historical retention rates for each level of a specific program
  • campus facility and capacity information
  • current and historical teacher workload information
  • program efficiency and profitability reports
  • room utilization reports
  • program budget information