Balanced Teacher Workloads

workloadContracts for both full-time and part-time teachers can be automatically generated and printed using the Teacher Workload and Contract Module. These modules includes the following features:

Full-Time Teacher Workload Module

  • Tight integration with academic planning
  • Elimination of redundant data entry
  • Real-time workload calculation
  • Real-time workload overload warning
  • Automatic retrieval of course sections for a particular teacher
  • Automatic workload sub-periods
  • Automatically carry over balances from previous terms in the same academic year
  • Additional information, such as time needed for course preparation and evaluation of student assignments/test papers, can be entered
  • Workload kept up-to-date at all times
  • Actual enrollments can be updated from Banner or PeopleSoft in order to reprint selected teacher’s workload
  • Draft teacher workload printing
  • Official workload document printing and automatic archiving
  • Teacher workload summary report
  • Automatic generation of workload ministry reports in standard format