How AI Can Help

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Academic Departments


  • A sandbox for academic planning that handles any changes during planning stage without affecting Banner or PeopleSoft, reducing the need for cleanup afterward
  • A Point-and-click and drag-and-drop user interface, making our software simple, friendly and intuitive
  • Seamless integration with Banner and PeopleSoft, eliminating redundant data entries, saving time, and reducing potential for entry errors
  • Clear allocation of responsibilities for users and departments
  • A balanced workload across available staff, promoting efficiency in teaching hours
  • A single point of data entry that satisfies multiple purposes, including scheduling, student registration, teacher workload and contracts, financial analysis and reporting

Scheduling Department


  • Our highly optimized automatic scheduling algorithm reduces the workload for the scheduling department.
  • Our remarkably intuitive user interface enables on-demand interactive scheduling at any time without importing/exporting data, which greatly shortens the response time for scheduling changes from days/weeks, down to a few minutes.
  • Real-time data communication with Banner and PeopleSoft eliminates data entry lockouts and shortens the response time for any facility changes due to higher or lower than expected enrollments during the registration process.
  • Academic Interface is capable of holding multiple years of data, enabling you to analyze future planning while evaluating past and present data.

Finance Department


  • Having real-time data on staff and schedules as well as enrollment trends provides a much clearer picture for budget allocation.
  • Program costing is much simpler with easy-to-access and easy-to-read data.


Human Resources


  • Automatically generated standard reports:
  • Full-time teacher workload report
  • Part-time teacher contacts
  • Standard ministry reports on full-time teacher workload
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities optimize your teaching and facility resources, ensuring satisfaction among staff.




  • Our advanced scheduling capabilities allow you to enroll more students by optimizing your teaching and facility resources.
  • Our intuitive reports allow you to easily see enrollment trends and to manage changes proactively.
  • We have created a wealth of reports (currently more than 40) for the academic chairs and management and allow for custom report creation.
  • Academic Interface allows you to have a better plan for all academic activities, resulting in happier stakeholders and higher student retention rates.
  • By reducing administrative costs, Academic Interface helps make higher education more affordable.